SKY arrangerar själv och i samarbete med andra seminarier, kurser och andra evenemang inom språkbranschen. Vårt mål är att år 2018 arrangera en konferens, där vi presenterar resultaten av branschens marknadsundersökning och språkbranschens hetaste trender.


19.-20. huhtikuuta 2018, Madrid, Espanja

The 13th International EUATC Conference will look towards the increasing globalization of the
language industry and its use of the internet to enable it to operate across borders and time
zones to service a market place currently worth nearly $35 billion and growing.

The conference will be held in Madrid on Thursday and Friday, 19-20 April 2018. The
conference will include a networking dinner on Thursday, 19 April. The conference will be
hosted by ASPROSET, Asociación Sectorial de Proveedores de Servicios de Traducción.

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GALA 2018: Language of Business Conference

13.-16. maaliskuuta 2018, Boston, USA

GALA’s annual Language of Business conferences are advanced educational and networking events where translation and localization industry leaders collectively discuss best practices, common challenges, emerging trends, and industry technologies. These annual events are your opportunity to connect with translation and localization industry professionals from around the globe who represent diverse companies, sectors, and specialties. We foster an open atmosphere and a spirit of sharing where peer-to- peer learning abounds. With top executives comprising more than 60% of the audience, the
focus is high-level, strategic, and growth-oriented. Join us in Boston in 2018 to expand your mind and your network!

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The second interpretation and translation conference

9.-10. maaliskuuta 2018, Breda, Alankomaat

The second interpretation and translation conference is an initiative by the Dutch and Belgian industry associations for interpreters, translators and translation agencies (including VviN, CBTI-BKVT, and Vertalerskoffiehoek), together with the European Commission and the Universities of Antwerp, Utrecht, and Leuven. Based on the topic “The Language Industry 4.0 – Embracing the future”, the conference will follow those developments in the translation industry that are closely linked to technological innovations across society as a whole.

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