Exploring the Impact of Technology and AI on the Language Industry

Welcome to The Helsinki Language Industry Summit (Kieli2024), a prestigious international conference organised by SKY (Association of Finnish Language Service Providers) in partnership with EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies) and supported by the EU DGT (European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation).

This year’s focus is on the transformative impact of technology and Artificial Intelligence on the translation industry for companies.

On the second day, join us for a dynamic Job Fair, part of the TEW (Translate Europe Workshops by EU DGT), designed to engage with freelancers, university graduates and undergraduates, as well as their teachers, and offering valuable networking and career opportunities.

This event is a truly international gathering, bringing together experts, professionals, and attendees from around the globe to discuss and shape the future of the language industry.


Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel, Helsinki

Located in the vibrant city of Helsinki, the Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel offers the perfect blend of modern comfort and stunning seaside views. This venue provides an ideal setting for the Helsinki Language Industry Summit (Kieli2024), ensuring a memorable and productive experience for all attendees.

For more details about the hotel and accommodations, please visit Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel.


The code for bookings is SKYry. Booking can be made by phone at +358 300 870 010 / individual bookings or by email and on the hotel website.


Join us for a comprehensive programme that delves deep into the impact of technology and AI on the translation industry. Over two days, you will have the opportunity to attend insightful presentations and panel discussions, and workshops led by industry experts. The second day features a special Job Fair aimed at connecting students, educators, and freelancers with leading companies and organisations in the language sector.

Karoliina Kettukari

Head of Modern Work

Karoliina Kettukari is an expert in the use of modern work and digital tools. She has had a decade of working with Finnish companies helping them to develop effective team working and communication skills. Her current focus has been working with her clients to address how artificial intelligence is impacting employee’s everyday lives.

She manages the modern work practices at Meltlake, a subsidiary of Futurice, focusing on Microsoft technologies. Karoliina’s effective and passionate speaking engagements in conferences in her own country and around the world have been recognised with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.

Elena Murgolo

Localisation Consultant

A language expert and tech enthusiast with a passion for martial arts. She started as a conference interpreter, mastering English and German, then transitioned into technical translation. Elena excelled in Language Technology, managing CAT tools and MT. In academia, she’s published papers and presented at conferences. At Custom MT, she’s a Localization Consultant, leading AI model training projects. Beyond work, Elena teaches judo to children, making her our l10n ace with a judo twist.”

Marja Hennessy

Marja Hennessy

Director at DGT, European Commission

A technology, people management  and lifelong learning enthusiast,  Marja started her career in IT in Finland, before moving to the  European Commission to work in  the Commission’s research  programmes as a financial  manager and an auditor. Originally  a humanist, with MPhil in literature  and library and information science, Marja has studied International  Relations, European law, human resources management, and is an eMBA graduate from Aalto University. At DGT, Marja’s responsibilities include quality management and digital transformation. Marja is passionate about AI at the workplace, change management, coaching and mentoring,  and intercultural connections.

Jörg Müller

AI Consultant

Jörg Müller, a digital expert rooted in the marketing, advertising, and media industries, witnessed the early Internet era and managed its business impact. With a diverse background spanning software engineering, product management, and innovation leadership, he recognized Generative AI’s transformational potential in early 2021, well before its mainstream emergence. This led him to research Gen AI applications, ultimately pivoting his career to AI consulting. Today, he guides companies in identifying practical AI applications, with a focus on SMBs. His approach emphasizes responsible AI use, balancing technological capabilities with ethical considerations to augment human expertise across various sectors.


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